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Baufest collaborate with the Center for Business and Social Innovation Research (CITES)

The provider of software and technology services will work with the Center for Business and Social Technology Innovation created by Sancor Insurance Group in order to strengthen the technological, economic and social development of the region and the country.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – January 2014 – Baufest, International technology and software and services provider, joins the Center for Technological Innovation, Business and Social (CITES) that Sancor Insurance Group opened in Sunchales, Santa Fe. This center is dedicated to contribute to the transformation of the country's productive matrix driving the knowledge economy, creating a group of companies based on an interdisciplinary and self-sustaining model.

Baufest as a company dedicated to help organizations improve their competitive position and efficiency through the use of information technology, will assist the CITES in the formulation of the terms and conditions of projects selection. It will also provide resources for technical and commercial evaluation of projects shortlisted in the area of ICT and work with the institution in monitoring the activities of pre-incubation and incubation.

Baufest professionals will analyze the projects shortlisted by the CITES and prepare their reports considering the antecedents of the entrepreneurial team, the technology used, the methodology and marketing. Also, the company will use its consultancy resources to provide feedback on the strategic aspects of the selected projects, including the evaluation and applicability of the selected technologies, the process of constructing the product and marketing scheme, among others.

"Baufest is a company created in an academic field. Contribute to improve the development of new projects leveraged in the use of Information Technologies allows us to continue sharing the acquired knowledge and support projects conceived in regional universities. Become part of this initiative is a contribution of technological innovation to reality" said Adrian Lasso, Vice-President of Baufest.

The Innovation Center will focus on four areas: biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology and engineering. The benefits of their activity will have direct impact on various sectors, such as agriculture, livestock production, and dairying, the metalworking industry, renewable energy, medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, software and telecommunications, among others.

The creation of CITES aims to meet social objectives that aim to enable, facilitate and encourage the creation of new industries and companies producing goods and services as well as increasing existing technological capabilities; stimulate technology transfer activities, promote for funding for the development of these projects with scientific and technological base, and develop and train human resources necessary for such purposes.

In addition to the agreement signed with Baufest, CITES signed cooperation agreements with the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), the National University of Litoral (UNL), with the Santa Fe Regional Faculty National Technological University, and agreements with the University of San Andrés and the IAE Business School at Universidad Austral.

During the presentation ceremony, held on December 18, 2013, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Lino Barañao, the Chief of Cabinet ministers, Jorge Capitanich and prominent national and provincial authorities participated. The CITES is chaired by Nestor Abatidaga also Sancor Insurance Group CEO and management is handled by Nicolas Tognalli, Dr. Physics graduate of Instituto Balseiro.

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International company provider of services and IT solutions, Baufest has six offices in USA, Mexico, Argentina and Spain. With over 20 years of experience and more than 300 employees, have more than 1,000 innovative projects of business solutions for more than 100 companies in 50 countries. Baufest is one of the 5 companies of software development with greater turnover in Argentina according to the market report prepared by IDC, is considered for the fifth consecutive year one of the 50 best companies to work for in the country by the Great Place to Work Institute, is recognized as one of the suppliers of IT services with best image, as ranked by the magazine Information Technology, and was honored by the Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina (CESSI) and Sadosky Foundation award Businesswoman Sadosky path to 2011 . http://www.baufest.com

About Sancor Insurance Group

The Sancor Insurance Group is an insurance company with nearly 70 years of experience in the market. Founded in 1945 as a cooperative in the town of Sunchales, Santa Fe. Sancor, has managed to expand through its companies into Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Miami, USA.

It is currently the #1 Insurance Group of the Argentine market in terms of turnover, has more than 3 million members, 5,400 Advisors, more than 1,900 employees, 50 offices, 480 offices identified, and operates in the fields of Property Insurance , People, Risk and Agricultural Labor.