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The company invested $ 1,8 million to attend the increasing client demands and support business growth.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – March 25, 2015 – Oh! Gift Card, a company dedicated to the issuance, processing, distribution and marketing of gift cards from over 100 brands of clothing, toys, electronics, household items and other items, invested $ 1.8 million and implemented a new platform developed by Baufest allowing them to scale the business and cope with the increasing customers' demands.

In 2014, gift card sales that were operated though Oh! Giftcard system reached $45 million. Product and services company sales were $18,3 million with a turnover of $13,4 million.

Comercial brand channels growth is supported by technological developments, such as tools to receive and deliver virtual giftcards, mobile apps, Loyalty systems and incentives for companies, and integrations with rewards catalogs. Therefore, having this solutions was a key factor.

"In Argentina, gift cards level activity is low compared with other countries, and we expect a market growth. Our business approach integrates all services that compose the industry value chain" says Cruz González Smith, company's director.

The company designed with Baufest a new solution with technology that allows to manage demand for new customers and increasing transaction volume of cards and takes into account the whole management: receiving physical or virtual cards, settlement and billing. This new version is developed in Java and uses, among other technologies Akka-Camel, Play Framework and Bootstrap. This technologies mix allows a system that supports a high volume of transactions without excessive consumption of resources.

This development model is an example of "reactive architecture" which allows platforms like Twitter support the increased processing capacity in terms of users, while supporting usage spikes well above the average.

Entre las ventajas de esta nueva solución se destacan las facilidades en el acceso y la disponibilidad de la información. Asimismo, tiene mejor herramientas de trazabilidad y gestión, y es más rápida para realizar las operaciones.

Among the advantages of this new solution, facilities in access and availability of information are highlights. It also has better tracking and management tools, and is faster in order to perform operations.

For more information visit: www.baufest.com.