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The collaboration is with the Faculty of Natural Sciences for projects related to individual's identification through DNA samples.

March 2015– Baufest, software and international technology company, signed a technical assistance agreement with the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Ares (UBA) for projects related to people identification across DNA samples.

This agreement establishes that the University will provide technical advice in relation to the integration and development of algorithms and statistical methods, while Baufest professionals will provide the ability to develop software that can enter the market, and that has international quality standards.

"Baufest is a company founded in an academic environment. Our area of research and development is in touch with what is happening at different universities and spaces of public and private research. This agreement allows us to deepen our capabilities to identify people through DNA and apply them to the development of innovative solutions," said Angel Perez Puletti, CEO of Baufest.

"Getting involved in conducting this type of applications is one of the objectives of our group because they represent challenges that complement and feed the basic research conducted in the laboratory. In this initiative we are particularly excited because it combines knowledge of several disciplines: hard sciences, forensic and information technology, "said Ariel Chernomoretz, Professor of the Exact Sciences at the Buenos Aires University, researcher at CONICET and at the Integrative Biology Laboratory Systems of the Leloir Institute.

Baufest recently announced its business unit Baufest Biotechnology Software Solutions, which aims to design and implement software solutions for biotech initiatives in agriculture, health, food and manufacturing companies. This technical assistance agreement is part of the actions developed by this business unit that links computers systems engineers with biologists and bioinformatics.

For more information visit: www.baufest.com.