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  • Flexible. Integrated. Unlimited.

Microsoft SharePoint

Integrate people, devices, processes, tools and business applications to improve productivity throughout the value chain.

We build SharePoint and Office 365 solutions under a unified governance model.

  • Planning, Adoption & Governance Strategy
  • Implementation & Migration
  • Development & Integration
  • Branding & User eXperience
  • Training & Coaching
  • Vertical Solutions



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    Discover the true potential of SharePoint

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    Bring the full potential of SharePoint in your pocket.

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  • Intranets Corporativas - Overview
    SharePoint 2010 is the business collaboration platform that enables you increase productivity and manage content through the familiar Office interface.

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  • Roled Based Productivity
    An innovative approach to increase the productivity of your employees.

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  • Intranets Corporativas - Overview

    The challenge: to create a corporate intranet to be used by executives, faculty and staff as a single point of access to all information available at IAE.

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