baufest Container Depot


Baufest Container Depot efficiently manages container depots, integrating information from its origin, and providing, in real time, detailed information about the stock and the operation inside and outside the depot.

Do you experience any of the following problems?

  • Long waiting lines for gate in/out
  • Depot congestion
  • Inefficient use of resources
  • Difficulty to plan actions in advance
  • Lack of control concerning stays and overtime
  • Deficient communication with the navy line
  • Service invoicing problems due to lack of information in real time.


Cost reduction in overtime in depots

Beneficio 35% anual
Increase of the number of orders processed
Beneficio 10% anual
Reduction of unnecessary movements
Beneficio 25% anual
Time reduction performing inventories up to
Beneficio 80% anual
Gestión de citas - Portal web

Appointments management - web

It plans the activities and reduces congestion in the patio. Web-portal for customers, with the possibility to manage deliveries and container pick-ups.

Operaciones en puerta


Management of the complete container’s operating cycle, maintaining a detailed historical record: gate in/out, EIR creation, detention, inspections, charges, etc.

Gestión de clientes

Customer management

Management of all the customer’s information; roles, invoicing information, contracts, generic or customizable rates, claims and quotes.

Dispositivo móvil

Mobile device

System designed to facilitate the execution of activities in containers’ depot enabling the following activities: gate in, gate out, dispatch, containers inspection, PTI and quality control.

Mantenimiento y reparacion

Maintenance and repair

It is a mobile application designed to be used with tables and hand held devices which provides support to the entire maintenance and repair process of containers and reefers. Through its functionalities, it enables the performance of: inspections, estimates preparation, image inclusion, maintenance and repair management, cost control and approvals.

Órdenes de facturación

Invoicing orders

Issue of invoicing orders in a fast and efficient manner, using the user’s previously defined rules. By means of its interfaces, it enables the integration of the updated accounting systems.

Tableros de control

Control dashboards

Complete vision of the operational performance and depot status, enabling efficient decision-making processes.