The Importance of
Discovery Workshops

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Fundraising Technology in support of local children's activities.

Business Problem

RahRah! Solutions
noticed a sharp drop in application usage soon after download coupled with a challenged subscriber retention rate. Low renewal rates and lack of application engagement equate to less support of children and their school and team activities.

Client Objective

Increase annual subscription renewals while widening their subscription base
RahRah! Solutions provides a digital fundraising platform for local community and school activities on a subscription basis, all from the convenience of a smartphone. RahRah! Solutions strives to create a product that delights customers elevating an archaic activity into the 21st century. RahRah! Solutions is focused on creating a positive user first experience to encourage
on-going support for children, coaches, parents, and subscribers through their fundraising app. RahRah! Solutions was looking for a team to partner their skills with to strengthen their application, improve their subscription numbers and provide professional feedback and guidance with a vested interest in their success.

Solution Developed

Baufest partnered with RahRah! Solutions to help them achieve their goals. Through Baufest’s proven Discovery workshop process, data driven functionality gaps were identified and able to be prioritized to maximize positive impact. Using stakeholder, users, and employee interviews, Baufest was able to understand usages, expectations and identify gaps in features, usability, and user management. Baufest developed usability maps and determined how changes to user experience would deliver the expected business outcomes and help solve their identified opportunities.

Technology Leveraged

MiroBoards were used to collaborate, mapping customer journeys, plot user feedback, and prioritize opportunities. Adobe XD was used to create a low resolution mock ups, and SurveyMonkey was used for initial user feedback.

Business Impact

As a result of the Discovery workshop process with Baufest, RahRah! Solutions can now be confident the identified changes and prioritization of those features will help them to reach their goal of increasing their subscription renewals by 20% within the next 12 months.

David Nelson
RahRah! Solutions
CEO & Founder

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