Application for a quick drafting of insurance policies

Faster insurance policy generation


World leader in insurance, retirement products and employee benefit programs. Through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, “Company name” has established itself as a leading business in markets such as the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


The company needed a new solution to improve policy generation times. Policies also needed to have a unified format for all their products and the new coverage plans needed to be easily incorporated as soon as they became available.


Baufest designed and built an application integrated with the company’s policy management systems and Docuprint; the entity in charge of printing the electronic policies. The solution was developed in Microsoft .NET technology, SQL Server and Integration Services.


• Faster delivery of policies to customers improving their experience
• Information and centralized operations
• Elimination of manual and repetitive tasks
• Simplifying reports and searches

NET Core

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Team Services
SQL Server