Logistics & Transportation

We provide comprehensive and customizable solutions for logistics and transportation management, which optimize processes and create operational efficiency, improving user’s experiance in the chain.

Logistics & Transportation

Baufest Port Call

Baufest Port Call is a solution designed for supervising the complete cycle of vessels in port, from their arrival to the payment of services, thus anticipating to customers’ requirements and ensuring a higher level of profitability in the operations.

Baufest Container Depot

Baufest Container Depot efficiently manages container depots, integrating information from its origin, and providing, in real time, detailed information about the stock and the operation inside and outside the depot.

Baufest Delivery Solutions

Baufest Delivery Solutions manages the activities of dispatchers, transporters and customers optimizing the logistic process and improving the experience of the users involved.

Baufest Container Manteinance and Repair

Baufest Container Maintenance is Baufest’ independent solution able to integrate the entire maintenance and repair process in container depots, from inspection to services invoicing.

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