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Financial Inclusion

By developing a digital wallet, Banks can take advantage of the massive growth of the digital economy while encouraging the inclusion of wide sectors of society. The increasing presence of cell phones creates opportunities to channel digital wallets through these devices. More information on virtual wallets as tools for inclusion in our white paper.

Capabilities Overview

End to end solutions We think of solutions as processes with real impact in business growth and customer experience. For us, strong solutions are supported by several value points from understanding, thinking and designing, to developing and improving.

7 steps to Creating a DataCentered Business

You’ve read the news, posts and ads, all claiming that data is the competitive advantage of the 21stcentury (which it is) and that you can tap into it’s potential (which you can) to make your make better decisions (which you will). You really want to get into this data thing, but… Can it be done? How? And most importantly: Where should you start?