Baufest Container Depot Solution: Efficient management of containers deposits


TRAMARSA is a company that is part of the Central Puertos Holding conglomerate of companies of the port business belonging to the Romero Group. It is dedicated to the care of ships, cargo and maritime and port infrastructure. Additionally, it operates private port terminals and is considered the largest operator of port terminals in Peru, with more than 25 years in the market.


TRAMARSA required a solution that would support the operation, inside and outside its empty container depot. It should be able to integrate with its commercial systems, billing, customs and shipping line in order to avoid errors in information and excessive manual work that affected the attention of its customers.


TransDepot is a solution that allows the integral management of the operations of an empty container depot. Among its main modules, it includes gate operations; yard management, maintenance and repair; billing to the shipping line and vendor settlement and communications monitoring. In addition, two additional features for full containers were included: yard management and reefer container monitoring.


From the implementation of TransDepot, TRAMARSA began to comprehensively manage the flow of M&R inside and outside the warehouse using CEDEX as standard language. Also, the transmission and reception of events was enabled to the shipping line via EDI (COPARN, CODECO, APERAK, DESTIM, etc.). Among other benefits, the company reduced its operating costs by eliminating repetitive tasks and optimizing the use of container cranes and began to receive updated information and reports that allowed saving time and efforts in obtaining relevant data.