Co-Development is the new approach to 3rd Party IT Development

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Take a moment and reflect upon your past experiences with 3rd party development and IT partners. What comes to mind?

Thursday 2 - April - 2020
Co-Development is the new approach to 3rd Party IT Development

There is goodness – perhaps some amazing people, exposure to new cultures, maybe travel, also some incredible deliverables and outcomes that wouldn’t have been possible without that team. But there is also pain – late night calls, connectivity issues, communication miscues, some poor deliverables, resource mismanagement to name a few.

Those that have been in the technology industry for any length of time have plenty of stories to go around, both good and bad. We at Baufest have heard those stories too and we have experienced them being in the industry for 25 + years headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina supporting US clients. And Baufest is different – dare we say ‘special’.

Baufest was founded over 25 years ago as a ‘cultural project’ with the purpose of: We improve life through technology, leaving a positive footprint in society. There are a few companies that live their values that are well known: Amazon strives to be the World’s most customer centric company and has its 14 leadership principals; Apple thinks different about customer facing design principals. Baufest improves the lives of the employees we hire and the customers we work with. In turn those customers improve the lives of their customers – and the concentric circles of impact have been growing for almost three decades.

Baufest’s unique position in the market starts with structural advantages – we are located the US and Latin America. Seattle is on Pacific time while Lima Peru is on US Eastern time while Argentina is 2 hours ahead of Peru. Travel to these locations is easy, reasonable cost and fun. Core cloud-compute technologies like AWS and Azure are supported and Spanish language and accents are easy if not familiar.

As a co-development partner with over 700 employees, we have the unique ability to think big yet act small. Our strengths lie in speed, closeness and what can be characterized as humble swagger – maybe it is the Argentinian style of football (soccer for some of us), or maybe it is the confidence gained by a job well done across thousands of projects and our customers telling us they love us.

Finally, it all comes down to our people – which is full circle to the cultural project of our founding. Now, if you haven’t connected with him already, it is time to introduce Neil Beam to Baufest as our US Head of Customer Success. Neil brings 20 years of customer engagement experience across a variety of disciplines to improve and expand the Baufest US practice. His mission is to craft and hone the ideal co-development experience that US customers wished they could have always hired in a vendor. Said in his own words:

“Baufest is a gem of an organization that simply needs to be unleashed in the United States so more people and companies can experience what a few of us have come to know: We are an IT and development partner you love to hire and work with – every day. Baufest does this by challenging the status quo about work-based trust, power, knowledge-sharing, honesty, transparency, trust and interdependency. The clients I have spoken with and work with daily appreciate our ability to deliver quality and speed at the right value proposition. But it is some special – the x-factor – that stands out that I still haven’t put my finger on. Baufest feels more like a club where the members just ‘get it’ and want to invite other members to share in that benefit.”

Neil’s experience includes customer facing roles at AT&T and Amazon. Way back in the day he used to spec functional requirements, write code, build and optimize tables and databases, migrate data – the works. He has also been on the hiring side of vendors and projects. In essence – he ‘gets it’ and he’ll work on behalf of Baufest customers every day, so that they too can improve life through technology, leaving a positive footprint in society.

If you’d like to share what came to mind when reflecting on your 3rd party experiences so we at Baufest can incorporate that feedback on what to steer clear of and what to incorporate, please message us at