2023: what technological trends will stand out?

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The need to put the customer at the center and offer excellent experiences will shape the technology landscape and trends in 2023.

Monday 12 - December - 2022
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Organizations will need to be driven by data, can launch applications faster, and take advantage of the innovative solutions offered by cloud environments, which will increasingly be segmented by industry.

In fact, industry-specific cloud platforms (with pre-integrated tools and packaged capabilities) will combine standard services with industry-specific functionality, helping many companies become more agile and create value.

In this context, companies will have to put more focus on trust, with customers increasingly tired of organizations playing fast and loose with their personal data.

Concern for cyber resilience will guide strategic developments, as cyber-attacks tend to become more sophisticated and increasingly digital operating environments need to guarantee availability to navigate times of uncertainty and disruption.

Sustainability will be another priority that will guide IT departments, which will incorporate performance metrics related to this factor and will focus on the need to incorporate sustainable technology “that optimizes the energy and material efficiency of IT services and drives results,” environmental, social and governance.

Superapps and Metaverse

It is expected that in 2023 superapps will have a greater diffusion, that is, multipurpose platforms that combine many services with an easy-to-use interface, which free users from having to log in to each application individually and avoid the need to Download different apps for each service. These solutions will provide core functionality and access to independently created “applets” that can be activated on demand, allowing platforms to be customized. A consultancy estimates that by 2027 more than 50% will opt for these tools daily.

The Metaverse will also have greater use cases shaping a collective and immersive virtual environment in which organizations will be able to “improve the engagement and collaboration of employees, and with partners, customers, suppliers, and citizens. Many companies will begin to explore the capabilities of this environment for collaborative remote work, training, onboarding, and project management. However, some analysts anticipate that the Metaverse experiments will still fail to capture the public imagination.

The future of technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to evolve along with the concept of adaptive AI, which enables models that can self-adapt in production or change after deployment using real-time feedback from past human and machine experiences. It is also anticipated that the mature ecosystem of no-code AI solutions and platforms as a service will continue to make this technology more accessible. And that companies will be able to create new products and services enhanced with artificial intelligence.

The impact of the Internet of Things will also grow in the coming year, with its networks of connected sensors, devices and infrastructure that collect data and facilitate more useful interactions between machines. These are the technological trends that stand out for 2023 and that will mark the future of technology.

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