April: Baufest Creativity and Innovation Month

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By Delfina Capalbo, Innovation Leader at Baufest.

Monday 22 - April - 2024
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At Baufest, the month of April marks a special period in our calendar, where creativity and innovation take center stage. Beyond commemorating World Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21st, we extend this celebration throughout the month, recognizing that innovation is not limited to a single day but is a continuous process rooted in our corporate culture.

At the heart of this innovative culture is the 99lab, a space designed to foster and nurture the ability to transform our teams’ ideas into solutions that generate value. This innovation laboratory provides resources, tools, workshops, and dedicated support to turn ideas into concrete and tangible projects. From the 99lab, we closely accompany our teams in the development of innovative initiatives, providing the necessary support in terms of hours, technological resources, and strategic guidance.

Innovation Initiatives drive our commitment to developing skills for recognizing opportunities and seeking novel and impactful solutions. These short and experimental projects allow us to explore new ideas and solutions together with our clients. In addition to being a path for agile and rapid experimentation, these initiatives generate significant value for both our clients and Baufest as a whole.

At Baufest, innovation management is a dynamic and results-oriented process. With an agile and flexible approach, with short execution periods focused on planning, execution, testing, learning, and continuous improvement. Adopting an innovative mindset is fundamental to facing the changing challenges and the inherent uncertainty of innovation.

The importance of innovation for Baufest goes beyond being simply a concept; it is an integral part of our identity and business success. Innovation allows us to add value to our clients, adapt to an ever-evolving business environment, differentiate ourselves in the market, and empower the talent of our teams. Furthermore, it drives us to optimize and diversify our capabilities and knowledge to remain relevant and competitive.

In summary, at Baufest, we celebrate Creativity and Innovation Month by recognizing its importance and value for our growth and business development. We will continue to drive creativity, explore new ideas, and lead the way toward an innovative future.