Smart assistant for banks: valuable interactions suited to the needs of each customer

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Commercial and financial services bank founded in 1968. Headquartered in Buenos Aires and present in 22 provinces, it is the leading private bank in the Argentine financial system in terms of savings and credit volume. This organization has 334 branch offices, more than 2.5 million clients and more than 6,500 employees.


The Company needed to improve the effectiveness of its virtual assistance to decrease the number of calls to the Call Center, and provide the customer with greater autonomy and agility to solve their concerns.


We defined a methodology for the incorporation of new businesses, identifying the users’ needs and making available the different channels of communication to improve their experience when using the virtual assistant. In order to provide more information and a personalized response according to each customer’s requirements, we incorporated the areas of Salaries, Short-term default and Long past due. Lastly, we defined a methodology along with the development of components that help to continuously improve the assertiveness of the virtual assistant.


  • Increase in virtual assistant coverage
  • Reduction of operating time of the Call Center
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction