Automated testing for digital logistics products


A transportation management company with over 22 years of experience focused on non-emergency medical transportation assistance. Through its expansive network of providers and drivers, its technology platform and 24/7 service operations centers, the company ensures high-quality, trustable, and on-time service.


Due to the customization requirements for each client in a highly-regulated and evolving industry, the company must constantly enhance and develop new digital products. Each of these applications, plus the already existing ones, are tested continuously and with a high degree of rigor due to the architecture used in their systems and the reliability that is expected. Our customer not only had to improve the quality and scope of its software testing, but also evolve their approach to make the work more efficient to enable scale at reduced engineering cost.


Baufest established and configured an automation strategy which considered guidelines, tools, good practices, and infrastructure to establish a continuous testing approach.

To carry out this plan, we involved testing and tests automation specialists and established a governance model across the software development group. One output is a unique control dashboard for visibility and control over testing automation.


  • 76% reduction in manual test effort.
  • More efficient sprints.
  • “Shift-left” testing error detection earlier in the SDLC
  • Greater scope of testing coverage
  • Reduction of the time to market thanks to the automatic tests.