Solgas is a leading LPG sales company owned by Abastible, the third-largest operator of this fuel in Latin America. For over 75 years, it has provided clean energy to homes and industries in Peru, delivering innovative and efficient energy solutions to its customers and strategic partners, driving sustained country growth.


Solgas' distribution department required a technological solution for its two lines of business: B2C-Mobile (gas supply for homes) and B2B-Bulk (gas supply for businesses).

Solgas lacked sufficient visibility over the tracking of work orders assigned to transporters supplying and replacing gas tanks in homes and businesses. Consequently, there was no control over events generated during operations, such as departure from the plant, arrival at the customer, dispatch start, incidents, and logistics chain problems. Additionally, it needed to provide electronic payment receipts.

Moreover, in the B2B service, the company had manual processes for gas dispatch by tanker trucks to corporate clients, leading to inefficiencies and irregularities in supply.


We designed and developed a Web and Mobile solution for both business lines based on 3 modules: dispatchers, transporters, and customers. These applications integrate to meet the needs of the different stakeholders involved in the process.

Through these modules, work assignments, real-time event generation, geolocation captures, and order tracking are carried out, among other functions.

Additionally, the solution includes a set of Web APIs to easily interact with any back-office system, and integration was done with the Digiflow suite for electronic invoicing generation and subsequent submission to SUNAT, the Peruvian tax collection authority.

Furthermore, for the B2B service, an IoT solution was implemented integrating the mobile application with a mass flow meter device, which measures and dispatches the injected gas, automating and recording each order.


  • Significant reduction in tracking activities effort.
  • Greater traceability, speed, and transparency in gas dispatch.
  • Optimization of truck routes, avoiding deviations and downtime.
  • Mobile billing allowing invoice issuance at the time of dispatch, complying with regulatory standards for electronic payment receipt generation.
  • Integration with SAP ERP simplifying the billing and settlement process, streamlining the payment process.
  • Reliable and real-time information for decision-making.