BBVA: towards an agile organization


It is the first financial institution founded in Spain and has leading franchises in South America and the United States. Its diversified business focuses on high growth markets where competitive technology is considered key.


In a context of constant change where there are new technological players every day, customers needs have changed to become increasingly digital. The company needed to accelerate the transformation of its technology and its business to accompany these changes and maintain its competitive position.


Baufest carried out a process of cultural transformation using Agile, Scrum and Kanban methodologies to impact management changes within the organization. To achieve this, all departments and levels were involved using the best configuration and scaling practices, applying them iteratively and incrementally.


In just six months of work, the company improved its delivery times while also doubling the speed of product development. Additionally, internal morale increased significantly as employees were more motivated by the higher quality of service provided to their customers.