Cultural transformation to lead the massive consumption market


World leader in the bakery industry, both in terms of production and sales volume. Through its 199 plants located in America, Africa, Asia and Europe, they produce and distribute fresh and frozen breads, cookies, cakes, muffins, among others.


In mid-2017, the client began an internal restructuring of its main management areas, with the mission of recovering its “entrepreneurial spirit” by 2020. Their main objectives for 2018 were to become the “cookie leader of Mexico”, increase product quality, accelerate delivery times and optimize the implementation of delayed strategic initiatives.


Baufest developed a change management strategy, through which processes, relationships, roles and areas were re-thought, generating structural changes in the organization into five fundamental stages: consulting, continuous improvement, training, coaching and execution.


Through collaborative work, an integrated plan established nine lines of cookie production maximizing and optimizing their capacity, an achievement that had not been achieved in years.