New and agile digital channel for vehicles service



One of the leading glass manufacturing companies in the world; The most important one in the western world and the main glass producer in Mexico. With offices located in America, Europe and Asia, it produces, processes, distributes and commercializes a broad range of glass products, which are part of the daily life of millions of persons.


With the support of the Internal Technology Area, the customer was looking for a more agile, modern and easier user experience when acquiring their services.


We designed the user experience for the MVP of a digital tool by using customer-focused design techniques and validating prototypes with the end users. During the second stage, we built the technological architecture adapted to the needs of the customer, in such a way that it could evolve and be used as a reference, under an Agile-based process and tools. Lastly, we accompanied the customer during the execution of the application, knowledge-transfer, product feedback and new improvement ideas for the next stages.

Through this new digital channel, the user can request an appointment from home for the replacement and repair of the car glass and manage payment for the service.  


  • Sales increase, reaching a largest target audience and facilitating the purchasing process.
  • Infrastructure cost reduction in branches.
  • Optimization of the refund process before the insurance companies.