Optimization of the e-commerce delivery system of home products

Flexibilizacion entrega


Leader company specialized in the sale of products for building, remodeling, equipping, house decor and garden, with branches in Chile, Argentina and Colombia.


The customer’s e-commerce platform had insufficiently flexible delivery options, with rules which did not consider their own logistic capabilities, nor the customer`s needs. This directly impacted on the service quality, creating limitations in product selection an affecting the amount of sales that took place in this channel.


Baufest developed a decisions engine that offers recommendations for deliveries or pick-up of products in the shopping cart. The system takes into consideration a set of rules such as geo-localization, selected products, their attributes, stock information, characteristics of the distribution centers, preferences or product delivery selection, among others, thus improving the customer’s experience. 


• Flexibilization when searching for products and shopping cart selection.
• Better organization concerning stock control in the distribution centers.
• Optimization of delivery costs and transfers between distribution centers.
• More pick up/delivery options for the customers and considering their specific needs (including own distribution centers and commercial allies).
• Better planning of picking and delivery capabilities of each distribution center.
• Better buying experience for the customer.