loT platform for the measurement and management of renewable energy


QMAX is an Argentine company leader in the development of renewable energy self-consumption systems. In their factory they design and produce inverters, battery chargers, regulators and charge control systems for lithium batteries that provide 10MW of power to homes, businesses and vehicles in Argentina and several Latin American countries.


The company needed a solution for the installers who had to travel hundred of miles just to determine the problem in faulty equipment, losing valuable time. In addition, the users were unable to measure their energy consumption.
QMAX required the development of a platform that would remotely monitor the status of its different facilities.


Baufest became the QMAX technology partner developing a platform that measures the energy efficiency of electrical devices in homes and businesses while also detecting system errors. Thanks to an Internet of Things (IoT) Hub installed in all the equipment, the system now collects information every five minutes from the different facilities and displays it in a user-friendly platform.


Through the application, QMAX end users can easily monitor their consumption and savings, reducing the probability of power outages and improving the predictability of obsolescence. Furthermore, the installers can now diagnose faults remotely as well as anticipate them, improving the quality of service.