Discover Polaris: our new multimedia concept.

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Introducing Polaris, our portal directing the course for technology and business.

Thursday 31 - August - 2023
mano mostrando el mundo

The Polaris star points to the north. In ancient times, navigators pursued the north star in the sky as a guide on their journey. Today, Polaris will lead us to a new universe… The universe of technology!

Here, we present to you our new multimedia concept that will allow us to explore the latest trends in technology and business through content filled with innovative ideas and deep analysis to help you navigate the digital age.

This new online site will offer a variety of articles, notes, podcasts, and live streams in which our technology experts will address the latest trends in technology and software.

Additionally, we are unveiling our new Polaris studio at our offices in Argentina, which will give us the opportunity to share our Podfest 2.0 episodes in a completely innovative way and allow us to host live streams with the leading IT industry experts.

In partnership with the Baufest Institute of Technology (BIT), Polaris will showcase the latest research conducted by this center, created to drive significant growth in the training and learning of Baufest’s collaborators.

Finally, in this new portal, you will also find all the featured events in which we participate, as well as those we organize, such as the Baufest Financial Services Summit and the Baufest Consumer Products & Retail Trends, among others.

Polaris – Your North Star in Business & Tech