Estimate of Customer Lifetime Value


Worldwide leader in integrated travel assistance, founded in Switzerland 1972, member to Starr Companies Group. Its assistance covers over 17 thousand cities, in over 16 languages and over 10 million travellers; its services apply to high complexity health events (transportation on medical airplanes)  up to the assistance in case of baggage loss.


The Company needed to know its customers’ potential value   and obtain a unique CLV vision for all its business areas which would lead to the improvement of effectiveness in their marketing campaigns as well as the operation of agencies, telemarketing and assistance. 


Our first   stage was to deliver collaborative workshops where all business areas participated. There we defined proto-personas and their customer journey to identify among other things the most relevant specs and metrics for each interaction with the traveller. Then we analyzed data to determine their quality level as well as the key industry criteria to develop different prediction models for customer value by using machine learning methodologies (Kmeans) and statistical models (BG/NBD). 


  • Knowledge of customer value to focus on its development. 
  • Insights on relevance variances to obtain the future value of their customers as well as their buying frequency. 
  • Optimization of their marketing segmentation strategy.