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Our team of experts in the main Cloud platforms of the market work together with the clients in the development of the best adoption strategy, oriented to maximize business value

Que comience el viaje

Selection of suitable providers

seguridad de la informacion

Assessment of security aspects of the information

icon analisis migracion

Migration technical feasibility analysis

icon optimizacion costos

Optimization of current operation costs

Cloud discovery

The 3 pillars of our strategy

01. Transform
We co-define the strategies to the Cloud by identifying opportunities and advantages for the client’s business and services
Pilares estrategia
Cost analysis
Cost analysis
Technical Feasability assessment
Cloud feasibility analysis

Survey of business value

02. Secure

We implement the Cloud strategy’s security definitions
by using the best possible practices.

Initial assessment
Security conformity and risk analysis
Security monitoring
03. Accelerate

We accompany
organizations through their cultural change
and we establish the best possible practices in order to reach the maximum level of DevOps maturity. We deploy automatization tools, infrastructure processes such as code and continuous monitoring in the Cloud.

Initial assessment
Consultancy and government
Changes initiatives in each platform

A unique experience for each itinerary

We work together with the market best cloud providers and we assess the most convenient service according to the chosen strategy.
ibm cloud
Aws Partner Network

Case studies

Cloud platform for promoter’s management in Falabella stores
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Research laboratory
as a service platform
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