Payment and reservation system for Los Angeles public bicycles

L.A. Metro Bikeshare Integration


BCycle LLC. is a public bicycle sharing company owned by Trek. BCycle offers different types of bikes to thousands of people, providing a new ecological, sustainable and healthy way of transportation. There are 47 BCycle locations all around the United States and BCycle was named 5th on the list of innovative transportation companies.


With the issuance of the new TAP cards (Transit Access Pass) in Los Angeles both L.A. Metro Agency and BCycle needed to integrate existing user information into their core system. This initiative would allow users to avoid duplicating information input when subscribing to the service.


Baufest accompanies BCycle as a strategic partner in facing new challenges. One of our first projects consisted of designing and developing an integration platform using Microsoft .NET technology and SQL Server. The solution provides an entry point for L.A. Metro Transit into BCycle systems to handle end users and memberships.


• Faster and more stable integration
• Better travel experience for users
• Communication of promotions and discounts for users
• Increased user loyalty

Microsoft Net

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Team Services

SQL Server
Azure DevOp