Learn How Nearshore Partners Can Help Companies Easily Expand Into New Markets

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Even though expanding into a new market is an exciting proposition, finding the staff you need can be difficult. Of course, you can’t hire just anyone, and finding qualified employees can take time — perhaps more time than you have in mind for the first phase of your expansion. But with nearshore partners, you can solve multiple staffing issues at once. Here’s how to leverage a nearshore solution to power an expansion into new territory.

Thursday 23 - November - 2023

Get the Staff You Need Quickly

With a nearshore partner, you can get talented individuals with the knowledge and experience you need for an expansion — and quickly. Instead of posting several jobs on different websites and scouring through the replies, you can reach out to a nearshore partner that already has the right group of people ready to take on your expansion.

Collaborate With a Team That Prioritizes Your Vision and Goals

With the right kind of nearshore partner, you can get a team of folks who are 100% invested in fully understanding your vision and the goals of your expansion. During the discovery phase, your nearshore providers take time to understand your end-to-end vision. This enables them to:

  • Cover all your needs
  • Quickly get on the same page regarding the kinds of benchmarks you’re looking to hit as your expansion matures
  • Predict potential issues and prepare for them ahead of time, taking a proactive instead of a reactive approach

Use a Nearshore Team With Both New and Experienced Talent

With the right nearshore solution, you can expand into a new market without having to displace or overwork any of your current leadership personnel.

No matter where you’re sourcing talent, one of the biggest challenges is finding people with enough experience to hit the ground running. This is where a nearshore solution can make a huge difference. But this is only possible if your nearshore talent provider has a diverse mix of people with varying levels of professional experience.

For example, if you choose a nearshore company that has people capable of taking on leadership positions as well as those who are newer to your industry, you’re in good shape. You can have the more experienced people assume leadership roles, and those with fewer years under their belts can take on some of the more linear responsibilities.

So instead of being forced to displace the time and energy of current leaders, you can use your nearshore solution to staff all levels of your expansion initiative.

Take Advantage of the Proximity of Nearshore Partners

Nearshore often outshines offshore for several reasons, many of which stem from the proximity of the partners and the talent pool they provide. When you’re expanding into a new market, this is particularly valuable because:

  • You need to be able to make a quick phone call, reach out for a video collaboration, or send an email and expect someone to be available. With nearshore partners, you can team up with an organization that shares the same or a similar time zone, which means when you’re awake and ready, so are they.
  • Many nearshore partners have staff exposed to standard English for many years. As a result, they have a strong grasp of the language and the kind of pronunciation that’s easy for your team and customers to understand. When dealing with some offshore companies, the language gap can be problematic.
  • If you have to have a face-to-face chat, a trip to talk with your nearshore partners can be quick and relatively inexpensive. This is especially helpful when expanding into a new market because it makes it easier to collaborate on important initiatives.

When Expanding Within the Nearshore Territory

When you’re eyeing an expansion into the nearshore’s territory, you can take advantage of their knowledge of the area, its cultural norms, and what makes the people tick. Many business expansions focus on areas that are somewhat close to the organization’s headquarters. The proximity of the new market often makes it easier to handle bumps along the road, bridge cultural gaps, and manage macro- and micro-economic concerns.

For example, an expansion from the U.S. into Mexico may have fewer complications than one from the States to Kuala Lumpur. The nuanced flow of goods, services, and commodities, as well as the way people think and make decisions, may be a little more familiar a few hundred miles away than several thousand.

If you choose a nearshore partner in the territory you’re considering expanding into, you can virtually erase cultural, social, and economic knowledge gaps.

Use the Nearshore Partner’s Local Team If Possible

If you can identify a nearshore partner that staffs a local team, you have an even more convenient point of contact. For example, if your nearshore solution has a local team, you can:

  • Connect face-to-face without having to go through customs and several flight connections
  • Collaborate with people who understand the economic factors that make doing business in the States unique
  • Have a local point of contact that seamlessly manages your project team for you

Baufest provides you with a comprehensive nearshore solution, ready to take on all your market expansion challenges. Thanks to Baufest’s local team and nearshore talent that’s in or close to your time zone, your expansion can be smooth, organized, and profitable. Book a discovery session with our solution experts today.