New communication platform for the bank’s IVR system


Commercial and financial services bank founded in 1968. Headquartered in Buenos Aires and present in 22 provinces, it is the leading private bank in the Argentine financial system in terms of savings and credit volume. This organization has 334 branch offices, more than 2.5 million clients and more than 6,500 employees.


Due to high maintenance, evolution and scalability costs, the customer needed to update their messaging system built more than ten years ago in C++, which connects the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with the rest of the bank. Through this application, the customer responds to inquiries and actions that the user performs by telephone through the IVR, such as consulting transactions or setting up a fixed-term deposit.


We developed a new platform and built the new messaging system to replace the application in C++ to move up without the need for specific knowledge partners. Also, this new platform became not only the communication channel for the IVR, but also for any tool or application that wants to communicate with the rest of the bank. Akka.NET technology was used for its construction; it is based on asynchronous actors and used to achieve high performance in high concurrency contexts.


  • Testing coverage of 99%, which facilitates regressions and error detection.
  • Using actor-based architecture, in the event of an error occurring, this would remain encapsulated without generating a chain effect that harms the system performance.
  • Responsive system, even in load situations.
  • The proposed language and architecture enhanced the learning curve, reducing maintaining and evolution times.