Cloud platform for lab experiments automation


Phylumtech is an Argentine company dedicated to the creation of solutions for the research and development of drugs and molecules. Since its foundation in 2009, it received the support of important organizations and in 2011 it was awarded the Ibero-American Innovation Award. In 2014, it signed an investment agreement with CITES, of the Sancor Seguros Group, which became effective in 2016.


Phylumtech needed to develop a platform that would allow scientists from all over the world, many of them without technological knowledge, to design and execute in an automated and remote way a variety of experiments on living microscopic organisms.


Baufest joined Phylumtech as a technological partner to accompany them in the development and evolution of Phylum LaaS, a digital cloud platform that automates the execution of experiments. The solution uses synchronized devices such as robotic arms, dosers and readers of the effect of the substances about model organisms.


Phylumtech redefined its value generation strategy by incorporating technology to streamline its internal processes and offer a better service to its users. In this way, it became the third company in the world to provide this “turnkey” solution, democratizing technology for the scientific community and accelerating the discovery of medicines of the future.