App for self-management of electric energy services belonging to SAESA Group


Grupo SAESA is a Chilean holding of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution companies. It is in charge of the distribution of electricity throughout the South of Chile, specifically the IX y XI Regions. It currently has more than 950,000 users (26% in the country) and has annual utilities of over $ 140 million.


In the face of this social, preventive, and mandatory isolation, the client sought to speed up thedigital transformation to provide users with new and better tools to guarantee the continuity of the service.


We developed a digital solution connecting 4 great milestones within the service, such as the self-measurement of energy consumption, and the subscription, visualization and payment of utility bills. This application allows the user to understand the service status and pay for their consumption quickly and effectively, using a friendly language which gives answer to their needs and their thinking logic.

To achieve this, we worked adapting our methodology, performing different workshops to understand and redirect the scope of the project according to the needs of the business and the contextual concerns. We carried out interviews and usability tests to be able to include the user’s view at every touch point, thus allowing us to constantly iterate and improve our developments.


  • Generation of new metrics to measure the user satisfaction and new ways of engaging with them.
  • Incorporation of the concept of Service, understanding the connection of digital products as part of a whole.
  • Improvement of the customer’s experience by being able to access information about their transactions easily, quickly, and safely.
  • Improvement of the levels of customer satisfaction.