Synthetic data for optimizing software testing

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Data provisioning is a fundamental task for application testing. This task is time-consuming, complex and in most companies performed manually, becoming an overwhelming bottleneck.

Tuesday 10 - January - 2023
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In our experience, approximately 70% of testing time is spent on data provisioning. As this is such a complex and error-prone task, it is often not possible to build all the necessary sophistry to accurately test the behavior and operation of the application before it is ready to be deployed, resulting in undetected errors arising in time.

To meet this challenge, we designed a solution based on artificial intelligence (AI), generating robust and compatible data.

AI powered data

At Baufest we work with test scenarios fed by synthetic data schemas, which are created by AI algorithms with the capacity to learn the rules of the business. We obtain relevant and accurate data schemas quickly and securely, preserving their structure and statistical properties necessary to test early and often, to detect errors at the beginning of testing where they can be corrected more quickly and at lower cost and achieving more reliable tests.

The key to AI-assisted modelling is the ability to generate relevant and accurate test data easily, quickly and safely, bringing more reliable applications to market, as they were tested with production-like precision.

It should be noted that synthetic data is artificially manufactured information. This data is algorithmically created and used to provision secure and realistic test data schemas.

Artificial intelligence in testing has gone from being something we only imagined in the future to a reality that we are witnessing in practice today.

Software testing strategy

Further acceleration of continuous delivery is driven by Shift-left testing, where testing is included in the early stages of software development whose critical success factor is the provisioning of data quickly and securely.

Among the benefits of the AI powered data solution we developed at Baufest, the following can be highlighted:

  • Ability to create more relevant test scenarios with meaningful data.
  • Ability to ensure continuous delivery of test data.
  • Guaranteed compliance with data privacy policies.
  • Test cycles with robust data casuistry and independent of the team’s experience.

At Baufest we can help companies innovate and refine their testing strategies with this and other AI-based solutions.