A to Z – software development for inclusion

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The concept of technologies for inclusion refers to solutions created, designed, and manufactured in order to respond to the needs of older adults, and people with physical and/or mental disabilities

Wednesday 23 - October - 2019
Desarrollo de software para la inclusión, de la A a la Z

These developments can take the form of software tools (voice synthesizers, screen readers, etc), equipment, or devices (adaptive keyboards, mice, webcams, and push buttons). The goal is to provide tools that stimulate the autonomy and communication of individuals, in order to encourage their active social participation. This helps ensure that the technology revolution can help enhance opportunities for inclusion for both the disabled and the elderly, and not make it harder for either group to fully participate.

Within the specific field of software development for inclusion, we can find computer tools that stimulate accessibility, which are installed on desktops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones. These solutions seek to facilitate access to different devices and equipment. For example, inclusive technologies can modify the sizes or colors of the icons so that people with vision problems can read text in a simpler way. In addition, inclusive technologies can expand the screen and generate alternatives so that people with motor deficiency can handle the mouse or keyboard. This is enabled through adaptive devices, or with push buttons that allow you to click with your foot, chin, etc. among many other possibilities.

It’s estimated that 15% of the world’s population live with some type of disability, which is why software development can help make an important contribution in this space. In this sense, implementing software for inclusion in an organization can further help promote the culture of accessibility. Nowadays, disability is approached from a social perspective, through actions that facilitate full participation in different fields. It’s about recognizing areas people can contribute to, taking advantage of their talents and overcoming the barriers that avoid including people in all aspects of the workplace. This is just one area where software development can help make a noticeable difference.