• 01.
    Baufest Digital Products Agile Teams
    Baufest agile teams
  • 02.
    High performance multidisciplinary teams integrated by independent squads.
    Baufest equipos multidisciplinarios
  • 03.
    These squads are formed by specialists in practices such as: UX Research, Software Development, Agile Coaches, DevOps Specialists and QA Automation.
    Squads especialistas en prácticas

Our management model


Talent Management

We guarantee the learning process and continual transfer of team knowledge, enabling product evolution, independent from the individual.

Autonomy and own capacities
We break from the model of IT as a service area for multiple projects and its dependency on other areas of the organization.
Government and report
Co-government of the partnership between Baufest and the client to release to key roles into daily management.
Continuous improvement management
Definition and development of the product at the same time in order to obtain dynamic and continuous feedback.

End to end product
responsibility is included within DPAT.


Each squad has its own backlog and infrastructure-specific responsibilities (devOps, design, QA, etc.) and by functionality.

All dependencies are given among squads, with the common goal of completing the product.

Producto conocimiento

Extended team

Our People, Data and Operations practices team provide project support by creating an extended team covering the different technologies and methods to confront any challenges that may arise.

Case studies

Our vast experience developing first version software has made us specialists in the implementation of new products, with newly-created agile teams, dedicated to the development of MVP in parallel to the rest of the IT organization.

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