Prepare for AI to Enter the Mainstream and Alter the Customer Experience

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For the past decade, we have heard about artificial intelligence (AI) taking an ever-greater part in our lives. Like many of us, you might wonder when you will see and feel AI’s presence to any large degree.

Saturday 10 - September - 2022

AI has already made its way into daily life via virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri and website chatbots, in our smartphones and as virtual assistants. When you think about restaurant kiosks, self-checkouts, and self-driving cars, you’ll realize AI and automation are here.

While these AI examples seem subtle and nuanced, they were once new and somewhat foreign.

There is no denying there is an AI revolution on the horizon. It’s a matter of how soon it will be delivered into the marketplace and how it will impact workers and customers.

What Is AI?

Everyday interest in AI is growing all the time. As the public becomes increasingly aware of it via books, films, and news pieces that enter their Twitter feeds, everyone wants to understand what it is, what it does, its ultimate power potential, and whether it will eventually leave humans out of the equation.

For those wondering about an official definition, AI is a simulation of processes previously or typically carried out by human intelligence taken over by machines and informatics systems.

The Development and Introduction of AI Into the Mainstream Over the Years

While there were some automated activities pre-dating the 20th century, much of it was manually developed or imagined in science fiction.

Many phenomena that were once science fiction in the 20th century have now become reality through AI. You can go back as far as The Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man as an early example and on to Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey and so many others.

But all along, science was in lockstep with science fiction. By the 1950s, the concept of AI was already on the table and in motion by scientists of the time. The famous scientist and founder of the Turing Test, Alan Turing, discussed the framework for building intelligent machines and testing their intelligence, which set the stage for where we are around 70 years later.

Since that time, computer scientists have worked to bring AI to businesses and the public for use. In the 1990s, there were chess tournaments between renowned human chess masters and Deep Blue, like Gary Kasparov and Deep Blue.

There have been countless other AI introductions into the business landscape with big data and data analytics. AI has woven its way into technology, business, entertainment, healthcare, and marketing and has become an invaluable tool.

The anticipation continues to mount for business leaders and the public to find out what will happen with AI next.

4 AI Developments and Inventions Set to Enter the Mainstream and Alter the Customer Experience in 2023

Do you wonder what other AI developments are on the horizon?
Our team has done some digging to find out what new AI is set to enter the mainstream and alter the customer experience.

Here are four AI developments to watch out for in 2023 and beyond:

1. The Democratization of AI

Much like the need to ensure the digital inclusion and democratization of the internet and computing capabilities for everyone globally, the same is true for AI. With AI, it derives its power from its availability to every business and organization possible.

Coming in 2023, this ideal will become easier to achieve, thanks to an increasing number of apps that put AI functionality in everyone’s hands. Even better, it is intuitive enough that users can enter with any technical skill level and quickly make progress. Some examples of the functions include predictive text suggestions and tools that minimize the typing necessary for searching and composing emails.

2. AI Will Be Everywhere

While AI might not technically be used in everything and by everyone in 2023, you’re likely to hear a lot more about it, reports Bernard Marr from Forbes. For people working in technology, AI is already everywhere, all the time. Much of their work surrounds it.

But in 2023, you can expect to hear more about it in everyday situations. The truth is we’re exposed to it constantly when we search the internet, shop online, stream music or programs, navigate websites to plan travel, manage schedules, and much more. Perhaps it has become so intuitive that we don’t think of it as AI anymore, but that’s what it is.

You can expect to see more hype about it over the next year as it has a greater impact on human civilization each day. Thanks to a maturing ecosystem, multiple no-code AI solutions and a nearly endless stream of as-a-service (aaS) platforms will bring AI into the spotlight more and more.

3. AI in Healthcare — Chatbots

AI is revolutionizing healthcare in many areas, with 72% of healthcare executives placing their trust in AI to manage valuable aspects of the industry, such as virtual patient care, medical image interpretation, and diagnosing and predicting outcomes.

In 2023, look for chatbots in telemedicine since chatbots appeal to patients with personal issues. It offers a degree of privacy that comforts patients and allows them to be more candid. It is one more step toward giving patients more autonomy in selecting how they communicate with healthcare providers.

4. Sustainability in AI

While many businesses are eager to adopt AI to scale growth quickly, they also want to ensure it remains sustainable.
All businesses are feeling the pressure to ensure sustainability. Look for that pressure to reduce their carbon footprint to increase in 2023. While everyone races to adopt the latest AI, it is easy to lose sight of sustainability goals. It all means more materials used for production and distribution, while transportation adds to CO2 emissions.

Simultaneously, the same technology with the potential to worsen emissions can solve problems, creating new pathways to understanding. You can expect the conversation to continue for finding green and renewable ways to deliver sustainable AI.

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