Club La Nación: Customer’s self-management platform


La Nación is a company engaged in the provision of Communication and Marketing solutions, through the creation of a variety of contents. Its morning newspaper has an average circulation of 160,000 copies and its digital version is visited by over 7 million unique users in the world.


During the development of “Club La Nación” subscription management application, which was built in previous projects, the need arose to implement a front that consumes APIs and enables the members to self-manage their subscription without the help of the call center. La Nación took this opportunity to optimize their website.


Baufest presented the designs, models, development, testing and production of the customer’s web. Hence, it was easier for the users to operate from the web and the complaints system was optimized by means of a management workflow without the need to place a call.


• Cost reduction in call centers and licenses.
• New, more efficient and faster communication channel.
• Higher level of satisfaction experienced by the users of the platform.