Spanish company Vanadis integrates with Baufest

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With an initial investment of 2 million Euros, we consolidate our presence in Europe incorporating Vanadis, a leading company in mobile design and development.

Thursday 21 - October - 2021

This integration is a very important milestone in our international expansion process, as it will allow us to widen our target market into all of Europe, grow our team, and add technology capacities.

Vanadis has over 30 professionals and 10 years of experience in the Spanish market, offering services to clients such as Santander, Renault, PepsiCo, AirEuropa and Ence, among others. 

In Vanadis, we found a group of professionals with great capacity for innovation, vast experience, and specialization in the development of mobile applications, and a very mature structure for talent training.

This integration includes part of the shares package of ESTECH, a professional training school in Linares with ample experience and background in digital innovation and new technologies training. ESTECH offers their students careers such as Full Stack Development and Videogame Development.

This will allow us to be closer to our clients, in each of the geographies where they are present, offering truly comprehensive solutions, with a strategic look and building long-term relationships.

Besides, we will gain experience in new ways of evolving businesses with technologies in very developed economies, which will allow us to offer a better capacity of innovation.