Why does modernizing applications mean betting on innovation?

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Organizations need to focus on creating value and improving user experience. And in this sense, digitalization is creating opportunities without precedent: new offers that take advantage of data intelligence, collaborative innovation with consumers and with the partner ecosystem, as well as access to innovative services or new business models.

Wednesday 23 - March - 2022
Joven profesional independiente de informática usando un smartphone en el escritorio

To take advantage of this trend, it is necessary to have information systems that offer agility, security, and performance.

Applications and legacy software often limit an organization´s ability to provide a differentiated user experience and develop advanced commercial operations. In one international study, 80% of the IT decision makers surveyed said that postponing application modernization and IT infrastructure would negatively affect the growth of their company in the long run. 

Companies that successfully modernize their legacy infrastructure are better prepared to take advantage of the next stage of technological evolution. This evolution enhances their agility and capacity to respond and augments their ability to address unforeseen demands and launch new functions swiftly.

New technologies  

By modernizing their applications, organizations can offer access to their systems from any place and at any time. Besides this, they are in a position to develop and launch new products faster than ever.

Today, well planned modernization of legacy applications is a key element in accelerating technological and commercial innovation. Companies that do not participate in this evolution are exposed to diverse risks, among which is losing customers (due to not being able to provide them with the latest applications) and the slowing of innovation processes (as a result, for example, of data silos). At the same time, companies that undertake modernization without correct planning might find themselves faced with unstable applications, loss of information, and projects that never come to be completely implemented.  

Modern applications increase the productivity of personnel by ensuring fewer incidents and new characteristics and functionalities. And they offer technologies that are more user friendly (and that cover the latest UX/UI standards and the specific characteristics of devices). On top of that, advanced applications provide a more satisfactory user experience because they implement new services and processes with an interface that is easier to use, more adaptable, and operative in a multi-channel and multi –device environment.

Technological innovation

Application modernization also offers companies greater ability to adapt to future technological or market related changes.

These processes lead to new opportunities to extract value from data analysis and workflow through interactions with artificial intelligence and other innovative tools.

At Baufest, we modernize applications as part of our digital transformation proposal. We guarantee service continuity without reducing quality along with permanent monitoring to avoid risks.

In this way, we collaborate with our clients to establish a reliable base for future evolution, increasing flexibility so as to add and modify functionalities and assist with new business needs.