The alarming rise of deepfakes: a threat to security and democracy

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By Matías Armándola, Cybersecurity Account Architect at Baufest.

Monday 11 - March - 2024
Acceso anónimo y concepto de reconocimiento facial con interfaz de sistema de seguridad digital

In an increasingly digitized world, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, but not always for our benefit. In this context, cybersecurity experts are issuing warnings about the exponential growth of deepfakes, a technology that can have devastating consequences for our society.

Deepfakes are videos, images, or audio generated using artificial intelligence that mimic the appearance and sound of a person. This technology has reached such a level of realism that 77% of internet users cannot distinguish between a real video and one generated with AI. This level of sophistication opens the door to a range of malicious uses, from financial fraud to political manipulation.

In recent months, we have witnessed how deepfakes are being used to promote fake investments, impersonating the identities of public figures, presidents, and politicians. These manipulated videos, spread on social networks and digital platforms, have deceived many people, leading them to fall for fraudulent schemes.

At Baufest, we warn that this year we could see an 800% increase in the use of deepfakes for committing financial fraud, sextortion, and political manipulation. This forecast is alarming, especially because misinformation and manipulation can have a significant impact, for example, on electoral outcomes that define the future of a nation.

It is crucial that we take measures to counteract this threat. Digital platforms must implement more sophisticated tools to detect and remove manipulated content. Additionally, it is the responsibility of all users to educate ourselves on how to identify deepfakes and not fall into the trap of misinformation.

In conclusion, the rise of deepfakes represents a serious threat to our security and democracy. Only through awareness and collective action can we protect ourselves against this dangerous trend and preserve the integrity of our digital society.